So, I'm really angry and frustrated. The stucco sub has been a non presence. His crew has been slow and occasionally disruptive. They were no shows on Friday and worked half a day on Saturday. Today began a 10 day forecast of rain. Which means they won't be working. We are living with our neighbor's. I'm at the boiling point.
  1. My family appears to be healthy
  2. We have the means and opportunity to build this house
  3. Our neighbor's are kind enough to put up with us being in their home
  4. The rainy weather has cooled the temps tremendously
  5. We have learned some really useful and important things in this process
  6. The painters have been amazing, meticulous and incredibly hard working
  7. School is about to start
  8. I get a trip to Austin
  9. The olympics have been a great distraction
  10. I've lost 16 lbs
  11. I haven't eaten Chick fil a in five weeks