@estherlimtf inspired list for the sweet side of the savory dim sum list! In Chinatowns everywhere (as well as dim sum carts) there are pastry shops filled with goodies worth trying/ordering. Also you can get a bounty of pasties for under $10, score!
  1. Behold! The pastry shop!
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  2. Dan ta/egg tarts
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    Fluffy, crisp, flakey goodness that can easily be gobbled up once the plate hits the table.
  3. Youtiao/Chinese breadstick
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    This is just the Chinese version of fried dough. So yeah, delicious. It goes great with congee, Chinese porridge. 👌
  4. Bo lo bau/pineapple bun
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    Although there are no actual pineapple flavorings to this tasty bun, it does looks like a pineapple which is how it got its name. 🍍 The bun has a sweet hard top and a fluffy soft bottom.
  5. Jian dui/fried sesame ball
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    Warm and tasty gluttonous rice balls covered in sesame seeds and then deep fried. My favorite part is the dollop of semi-sweet sesame paste in the center. It's like an Asian Ferrero Rocher.
  6. Nuomici/coconut ball
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    Similar to the sesame ball except the outside is coconut. These are awesome bite sized treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  7. Rou song bao/dried shredded pork bun
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    As a child and into adulthood this is amongst my favorite Chinese pastry. This warm carb filled delicious bun is filled with a little bit of cream and a ton of rou song, which can be translated as "flossy pork". Weird translations aside this is a wonderful pastry that balances savory and sweet.
  8. Zai bao/hot dog bun
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    For those who have a diet of a child/is a child. 🌭 Fun Asian twist on pigs in a blanket, although I am biased when it comes to this dough. It's got a slight sweetness that nicely compliments the salty hot dog.
  9. Yu bing/Mooncake
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    In September/October there is a special pastry that pops into Chinese pastry shops! Mooncakes to celebrate the mid autumn festival! Def worth getting, this dense pastry has a variety of fillings all delicious! I love the black sesame, red bean, and mixed nuts. Also in ancient China they were used to hold secret messages to create a civil uprising, so not only is it a BEAUTIFUL treat, it can also be used for clandestine activities.