Dim sum is the cool Chinese cousin of brunch. What makes it cool? Family style sharing, food on carts, to order you just point at what you want. Here's what to point at to not be a n00b.
  1. Zheng Jiao/Dumpling
    These goodies a filled with pork, chives, and ginger. A dim sum staple.
  2. Xia Jiao/shrimp dumpling
    Similar to it the porky companion except all shrimp and ginger. 👌👌
  3. Chai Shao Bao/steamed pork bun
    BBQ pork bun in fluffy carb rich jacket. What more could you ask for?
  4. Nuo Mi Ji/Lotus wrapped sticky rice
    THIS IS MY JAM. Sweet rice that is savory and filled with the juicy flavorings from the chicken, Chinese sausage, and peanuts.
  5. Shao Mai/Siu Mai
    Essentially an open faced dumpling of delicious.
  6. Chi Zhi Pai Gu/Steamed spare ribs
    Bit size tender pieces of spare ribs that are extremely savory. If you're any self respecting human who loves pepper and salt, gobble it up.
  7. Niu Bai Ye/beef tripe
    Pickled, spicy and delicious. This separates the dim sum masters from the "lao wais"/outsiders.
  8. Feng zhao/chicken feet
    You may be initially skeptical about chicken feet but hear me out. It's actually very tasty, if not the tastiest of all the dim sum dishes. They are cooked 3 times using 3 different methods (fried, braised, and then steamed). The flavors are rich and everything is so tender. Usually they come in two flavors, a sweet and tangy fermented black bean and a spicy pickled. Plus they're called "Phoenix claws" so that's pretty cool in itself.
  9. Xiao long bao/ soup dumplings
    Theses little dumplings pack a lot of flavor! Pork dumpling filled with soup. Unlike regular dumpling where you just stuff into mouth, you'll put these lil guys in a spoon, bite the top off to let it cool a bit, and then slurp it up. If your dim sum place has it l, get it!
  10. Happy eatings and get pointin' 👇👉👇👈