My mother has recently purchased one of those fancy scanners where you take film photos and it creates a digital copy. Gasp! What sorcery! Behold my 90s childhood as the daughter of 2 Asian immigrants.
  1. Child Xiao learns to chug soda.
    Those watermelon shorts tho 🍉🍉🍉
  2. I've worn adult sized socks my entire life.
    What's the point in buying socks when you'll just grow out of them. The money saving move is to "grow into them" - Papa Duan
  3. Dad socks + 🎥 = 90s
    Do VHS players still exist?
  4. Channeling my inner Jareth.
    Asians love apple picking. Pretty sure I went multiple times a year as a kid.
  5. My mom has been wearing track suits her entire life.
    Also further proof that my parents have always been invested in coordinating outfits.
  6. Remember when listening stations was a thing?
    R.I.P. Media play (1992-2006)
  7. Nothing but country
  8. Pumpkin party
    Def was not allowed to carve into a pumpkin by my parents because it made more sense to them to not poke holes into them and begin the composting process.
  9. Thank you for reading my list!