Best Episodes of Gilmore Guys

All @gilmoreguys podcasts are the best; these are the creme de la creme.
  1. 307 - They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?
    A perfect entry point to the podcast for a Gilmore Girls fan. It's a beloved episode and the first to feature Jason Mantzoukas (not on sosh meads).
  2. 410 - The Nanny and the Professor
    Who could forget "a little to the left"?
  3. 505 - We Got Us A Pippi Virgin
    Admittedly not a great episode of TV, but it features the development of the favorite pop culture segment and Hrishi!
  4. 517 - Pulp Friction
    The only true dual episode with two of the best guests. Patrick Walsh gives life advice for all the ladies with Logans.
  5. Gilmail Guys Vol. 12
    If @Aisha and Ben aren't your relationship goals, you probably shouldn't be in a relationship.
  6. Gilmore Gab with Mara and Jamie
    A must for the die-hard Gilmore nerd. These ladies were truly delightful.
  7. All of season 6.
    They're really killing it right now.