I visit state capitals regularly. I also love coffee like a snobby Gilmore girl.
  1. Strange Matter Coffee in Lansing
    The best New Orleans coffee. Better than Blue Bottle.
  2. Sefton Coffee Company in Richmond
    I once had a Santa Claus purchase my coffee for me here.
  3. San Rafael Coffee in Carson City
    Honorable mention to Comma Coffee.
  4. Little Amps in Harrisburg
    Lovely local coffee roaster.
  5. Three Fold in Little Rock
    Not a coffee shop, but it serves delicious dumplings and Chinese fare and is worth the mention for Thai iced tea.
  6. Drip in Columbia
    They also serve beer...
  7. Thinking Cup in Boston
    The only place to get Stumptown (or any Portland roaster).
  8. Holy Spirit Espresso in Santa Fe
    Not the best coffee, but the most wonderful owner.
  9. Tallahassee
    I have yet to find decent coffee here. Damnit, Tallahassee.