1. funny names for a pig
    I don't have a pig and unfortunately have no immediate plans to get one. I've decided if I get one he will be named Hammy Davis Jr.
  2. Did they ask where is the head of morris black
    Need to explain this one as it looks psychotic. Told my friend to watch The Jinx and she finally did and came with me with this question. I needed to know if the prosecution ever questioned Robert Durst where he put the head of a man he's admitted to killing and dismembering named Morris Black. They never asked him. Crazy right?!
  3. Science vs podcaat
    Super into podcasts. This is a new one I've gotten into recently.
  4. Addison russell two kids with two women
    Ok this one requires a lot of explanation too. I was in my instagram discover section and saw these couple with the cutest little boy and of course naturally goes to stalk them. Turns out they're Addison Russell, his wife Melissa and their baby boy Aiden. As I stalk, I become aware that Addison also has a little girl named Mila, she's like idk, maybe 3 months older than Aiden. Naturally I'm confused - after some more stalking (I'm so good at finding things out based purely on Instagram you guys)
  5. I ran out of space for above
    Anyways I find out Mila's mother is another woman and I was like DAMN SCaNDY!!! So I needed to know what was up with that, did anyone call him out for cheating?! Nope. No articles about his two baby mommas who gave birth to his kids within like 3 months of each other.
  6. Ross opening hours
    My friend needed to know because we were planning to eat breakfast before going to shop for her brother's wedding anyways yeah this one is boring whatever this is where this list ends