I've got one and a half (the half one is light and will only show up if I force it and make my smile super scary) and I'm SUPER proud of this. I need to know if dimples are genetic. I feel like they are not but I'm crossing my fingers my future kids will have dimples. Anyways they're so cute! They make smiles extra special... a little surprise every time!
  2. Freckles
    Love them. Will even accept cute beauty marks. Definitely have stared at freckles for too long. Always see them as constellations.
  3. Long eyelashes
    Bonus points if they're thick too. Eyelashes make people so much prettier! Guys always have the longest eyelashes. I get jealous about it.
  4. Gap between the two front teeth
    Just specifically the front teeth though, if I'm being honest. Rest of the teeth have to be fairly on-point.
  5. Thick hair of a certain perfect length, also styled nicely
    Not into baldies or even thin hair. Also don't like long hair. No man buns! Will accept closely-shaved hair depending on guy. Curly hair is SUPER cute and gets bonus points but again only if it's at a good length.