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  1. GirlsGoGames
  2. That one chain email that was like, "Hello, my name is Summer. I have no eyes or ears bc my dad beat me. Share or I'll appear in ur room"
  3. That one show on disney that was a teen drama but with fish???
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  1. In the first 20 minutes 3 dead memes have been used (dabbing, hover boards, fidget spinners)
    @ TCAs, wyd
  2. Why is Naya Rivera on here? I'm not trying to be mean, but when has she been relevant since 2011?
  3. Jake Paul dropping his mic then proceeding to fall on stage made me laugh harder than anything this week
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  1. PINK sweatshirts
    This makes me sound really basic, but they're really comfy and good for when I'm lazy and don't want to put in effort for school, lol. Plus, I love their perfumes too.
  2. Chokers
    I have so many of these, but they make every outfit look cool and hip™
  3. White sneakers
    Comfy AND look good with everything
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  1. Thick eyebrows
    I tried these for all of 7th grade and I would put a picture, but I never want anyone seeing me like that again. They look gorgeous on other facial shapes or features. Not mine.
  2. Winged liner
    How do other people do this? How do they have the time? Also, looks bad on round eyes, which I have so.....😕😕😕
  3. Bodysuits
    How do you use the restroom? What if you eat a burger for lunch and the food baby is on full display?
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  1. Tom Holland cuddling puppies
  2. Chris Hemsworth playing with a nerf gun
  3. Darren Criss throwing confetti
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  1. Coffee
    Tall, skinny iced coffee with a pump of caramel
  2. Sandwich
    Grilled chicken, pesto and melted brie on garlic bread
  3. Night in
    Dominos pizza, Drake and the cheesiest tv show I can possibly find. Bonus points for fluffy slippers.
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  1. Glee
    If I didn't care about being annoying, I would never shut up about this show
  2. Evan Peter's entire filmography
    I get updates about him sent to my phone. Is that weird?
  3. History
    This makes me sound like a huge nerd, but I genuinely am fascinated by history at it's literally the only class I pay attention in. I can beat ya' MCM in any game of jeopardy.
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  1. I'm at a dinner party and I'm seated across from Tate Langdon, in full skeleton makeup. He proceeds to stare me down without talking the entire meal.
  2. I go to some sort of x-men high school for teen mutants and am caught in a love triangle between Quicksilver and some other superhero called "The Mayor"
    Also, Harry Styles makes a cameo
  3. I'm going on a shopping trip in New York, but had to flee because I ran into my middle school bully, who insisted on following me there
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  1. That Jessica Simpson and Homer Simpson were related
  2. That fairies hid in my backyard and disappeared whenever I tried to look for them
  3. That people in an alternate universe were watching us on giant tvs
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  1. Slytherin
  2. Libertarian Left (with some right beliefs)
  3. ENFP
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