1. Watch a lot of makeup tutorials, or else you'll end up with boxy eyebrows, emo kid liner and no blending whatsoever
    AKA me in 6th grade
  2. Don't worry too much about what to wear bc everyone just wears a hoodie and leggings after the first week
  3. If your friends are toxic, leave them
    Idc if they're popular or you've been friends since pre-k, ect. I could literally make a whole rant list about how horrible my ex-best friend/whole ex-friend group was and how many self-confidence issues they left me with.
  4. Study a little each night instead of cramming
  5. Make to-do lists on your phone of assignments to turn in or tests to study for
  6. Join as many clubs as you can
  7. Try to get involved in a few social events
    Football games, dances, e.c.t. I know this may seem hard since I used to be rlly shy, but I've made so many amazing memories and friendships just by putting myself out there
  8. Build (or fake) confidence
    I used to be really timid and have almost no self confidence whatsoever, and because of this, people walked all over me, I got bullied really badly and I missed out on a lot of stuff with friends. If you want to know how to feel self confident, wear clothes that feel extra special to you or repeat daily affirmations to yourself.