I don't get it

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    Hating on Kim Kardashian
    I get not liking her, but absolutely despising her? There are TONS of nasty, awful celebs who get barely any hate compared to her
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    Hating lemon starbursts
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    Thinking nobody should be able to do something just because it's not your personal preference
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    The fact that nazi culture is still alive and well
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    The Gilmore Girls hype
    I see the appeal, but I couldn't get into it
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    I swear I'm the only person in the Riverdale fandom that doesn't ship this
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    Defending celebs who are abusers bc "they're SOOOOO hawt😍😩"
    Chris Brown, Cole Sprouse, e.c.t
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    The fact that "The Beguiled" is getting rave reviews
    Didn't like it whoops
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    That weird tumblr "I love psychopaths!!!😩😍" thing
    Ummmmm stop romanticizing mental illness you freaks
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    Why matte lips are so popular