1. Hating on Kim Kardashian
    I get not liking her, but absolutely despising her? There are TONS of nasty, awful celebs who have sexually assaulted people or beat their partners who get barely any hate compared to her just because she has plastic surgery and comes across as a bit ditzy.
  2. Hating lemon starbursts
  3. Thinking nobody should be able to do something just because it's not your personal preference
  4. The fact that nazi culture is still alive and well
  5. The Gilmore Girls hype
    I see the appeal, but I couldn't get into it
    I swear I'm the only person in the Riverdale fandom that doesn't ship this
  7. Defending celebs who are abusers bc "they're SOOOOO hawt😍😩"
    Chris Brown, Cole Sprouse, e.c.t
  8. The fact that "The Beguiled" is getting rave reviews
    Didn't like it whoops
  9. That weird tumblr "I love psychopaths!!!😩😍" thing
    Ummmmm stop romanticizing mental illness you freaks
  10. Breaking up with a partner or refusing to like a celebrity bc they support Trump
    Okay, hear me out: I cannot stand Trump. But people are allowed to have preferences? Just bc they support someone you don't doesn't mean they're racist or a nazi (if they are though, THEN it's okay to hate on them), they could support him for all different reasons.
  11. Also, I don't get sending a witch hunt after a celeb if they did something problematic (unless it was something seriously bad like sexual assault.). Especially if they apologized. For example, if a white popstar wore cornrows, it would be wrong, but it would be better to educate them instead of "IF U STILL LIKE THEM UR RACIST!1!1!1)