1. (Protagonist voice-over)"I'm practically invisible at this school!" (Some jock or cheerleader slams said protagonist into a locker or something unoriginal like that, everyone laughs) "I take that back."
  2. "I may be a loser, but at least I'm not a bully like you!"
  3. "Goodbye ______......if that's even your real name."
  4. "And then there's me.....no, the other one.....yeah, that's me"
  5. *record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here."
    Yes, I know this is a twitter meme dont @ me
  6. "I always knew you were a jerk...I guess I was right."
    Lol if you knew he was a jerk then why were you madly in love with him for the whole movie?
  7. "You're throwing away your dream." "No Dad....I'm throwing away YOUR dream."
  8. "Why don't I give you a makeover?" "Because I don't want to turn into some evil bimbo with 0 brain cells.".......and then 5 minutes later the same character gets a makeover and is totally cool with it once she becomes popular.