Trends that aren't for me

  1. Thick eyebrows
    I tried these for all of 7th grade and I would put a picture, but I never want anyone seeing me like that again. They look gorgeous on other facial shapes or features. Not mine.
  2. Winged liner
    How do other people do this? How do they have the time? Also, looks bad on round eyes, which I have so.....😕😕😕
  3. Bodysuits
    How do you use the restroom? What if you eat a burger for lunch and the food baby is on full display?
  4. Clear boots
    This pic. That's all.
  5. Acrylics
    I don't hate these, I actually think they look really cool! HOWEVER, I play volleyball and this one girl on my team had them and once her fake nail got stuck in the ball and got ripped out along with her real nail, and that's why I can't get acrylics.