I lost all but one.
  1. Burt Reynolds! On his photograph which he had a stack of handy in his trailer where he was shooting across the street from my elementary school. The poor photo took a beating in my very messy room.
  2. Alan bates and it included a drawing of an airplane. It was during the shooting of an in married woman. I think.
  3. Muhammad Ali. My mothers friends husband who took me to Madison square garden to see the horse show said I had to get three. One for me, one for him and one for my Dad. He gave me all three while some girls heckled me. I was probably seven or right years old and quite scared.
  4. The last one was when I had grown out of that stage but I carrying a post card of Andy Warhol written to my father bit was stamped. We were almost at the post box. We spotted him and it seemed like fate. "Where did you get this?" He asked. "at the store the photographers place." I was tongue tied.
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  5. And the back of the post card.
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  6. I had by this time realized the futility of a person like me getting autographs.