1. Mike D from the beastie boys babysat my daughter. I hesitated... I don't know you that well mike!
  2. Unbeknownst to him, I stayed at Jon Lovitz Malibu apartment and broke a glass pane in his antique nautical helmet because I was goofing around and tried it on. My husband replaced the glass. I'm sorry mr Lovitz.
  3. I was leaning out our loft window. I had curlers in my already curly hair (who knows why) matt Dillon walked by and I yelled MATT from four stories up. He turned around. What an ass I was. I blame being 16 and not having much access to my prefrontal cortex. Sorry mr Dillon.
  4. We were being given a tour of the eatons summer home in the keys when they weren't there(Canada's eaton department store chain now defunct) I broke a giant vase. We "fixed" it. Sorry eaton family.
  5. Desmond Harrington, detective on "Dexter" gave me a leather heart shaped necklace. He got really close and said how beautiful I was. He was a goofy guy so I never knew what to take seriously but I realized what power simple words can have. I still have the necklace. It was my birthday. But why give a friends gal a heart necklace?
  6. I was soap boxing about Louis Farrakhan and I looked up and saw Danny glover staring at me from across the street.
  7. I have at least twice thought I knew someone and asked if I knew them from high school or ny... Turned out they did go to my high school. But was also an actor and no I didn't know him. It was Adrian Brody with a super young gal in Cuba. I was hanging with the same folks he was with at a club. I didn't realize who he was. He wasn't friendly!
  8. Telling stories about celebrities only indicates how shallow the acquaintance really is. True friends don't talk about each other in public!
  9. I peeked in Abel Ferrara apartment key hole. It faces a book shelf. He has a lot of books. Sorry mr Ferrara.
  10. I used to have the keys to david Byrnes building. Maybe I still do.
  11. I grew up in robert deniro's parents building so I knew who bob deniro and virginia admiral were way before I knew they had a hot shot son.
  12. I will not mention the people I currently hang out with on occasion. Partly because they're not close and I hope to hang out with them again.
  13. I recently tried to befriend Andy warhols photog friend Gerard malanga by sending him photos we took of one another when I was 12. I didn't push it though I'm a bit of an art star groupie.
  14. One halloween I dressed up as an American flag and sent it to jasper johns c/o moma. Still no response 15 years later.
  15. If I remember the others I'll tell you.
  16. Went to matt Damon's loft when he wasn't there. Huge. Had a basketball court. Ground floor. Later flooded.
  17. Steve jobs came up to me while I waited in the middle of a long sushi line at the toy story wrap party. "Is this the line for the sushi?" "Yeah the end is back there" I said obliviously. I'm glad because it would have been awkward if I'd known who he was.