1. Your most embarrassing moments
  2. Your darkest secrets
  3. The thing you stopped doing for no good reason... Such as bad pirouettes in the street.
  4. A description of your perfect friend (no they can't exist already- that would be bragging)
  5. If you could be paid a lot of money to do something everyday that doesn't exist as a job, what would that be?
  6. What do you lie about?
  7. How dishonest/honest are you for the sake of being polite.
  8. Are you fairly authentic/true to yourself when you meet new people or do you wear the cloak of ego? Me I try to be authentic but I change my mind so much I don't know what that is so I wear a diaphanous gown made of ego just to keep things together. It blows open in the wind.
  9. Do you worry? And if so, about what?
  10. Do you care what people think of you?
  11. OK let's try that last question again but this time be honest.
  12. Do you think there's a cadence to ending lists? Because it sounds wrong to end this on the previous question.