Hopefully more cool things will happen this month since its still summer
  1. I got hired at IKEA
    Honestly it was the best decision I've ever made for myself career-wise. Even on bad days, it's pretty good. I love it there so much.
  2. I went to Oregon to visit my mom and sisters.
    My little sister graduated high school! I went to the Tillamook cheese factory with my family. My boyfriend and I ate voodoo donuts. I spent time with my littler sisters too.
  3. My best friend came from Seattle to go to Disneyland with me for a couple days.
    We even ate at Blue Bayou like the fancy ladies we can be.
  4. I went to Disneyland. A lot.
  5. I went to 626 Night Market and ate good food
    This was a poop emoji churro sundae but his mouth fell off lol
  6. I spent the week at my boyfriend's house and we played beer pong.
    Shhh.....his parents weren't home and they don't know
  7. I went to LACMA
    I've never been. I've also only been to a museum like one time when it wasn't a required field trip