Memories from ages 2 to 4-ish.
  1. Seeing my mom in the hospital after she had my sister. (2 yrs. old)
    I wouldn't go in the room and I wouldn't hug my mom. I waited in the doorway. When we were leaving my mom started to cry because I was her first baby and I wouldn't hug her when she was in the hospital. Also, I made my aunt carry me out because the hallway was too long.
  2. Running down the stairs multiple times because there was a spider in my room. (2 yrs. old)
    I don't remember how many times I ran down, but at one point my grandma was on the couch giving my sister a bottle and she said "here she comes again!" Every time my mom went to kill the spider, it was gone.
  3. Seeing a piece of carrot or macaroni on the wall, thinking it was a booger, and puking. (2 yrs. old)
    I wish I was lying. My mom was so mad at me.
  4. The scary painting in the bathroom. (2 yrs. old)
    My parents had this weird painting in the bathroom I think a friend had painted. It was black and white and had these skinny men and I think one had like a foot or an arm coming out of his mouth. I was terrified of it. I was scared the men would come to life and eat me.
  5. Getting my head stuck between the bars in the handrail on the staircase. (2 yrs. old)
    I remember thinking of Dopey from Snow White getting his head stuck, but also thinking it was a cartoon and it wouldn't happen in real life. But it did. And it hurt.
  6. Getting in trouble at grandma's house and having to drink a spoonful of oil. (2 or 3 yrs. old)
    I don't know what I did but I didn't do it again.
  7. Being scared of my preschool teacher. (3 yrs. old)
    She was tall and skinny and had short brown hair and bangs. She also wore glasses. I don't know why I was so scared of her but I cried a lot when she would talk to me. One time my other preschool teacher wasn't there and I cried so much when I saw her that my dad took me back home.
  8. Crying when the preschool bully wouldn't let me play. (4 yrs. old)
    I was painfully shy and one morning when my mom dropped me off at preschool, she asked a group of girls if I could play with them. They gave me a couple play mobile people and we were putting them in the castle. When I put my person in, the bully knocked it out of my hand and said "No! You're not playing!" She then told the entire group to play dress up with her, but I wasn't invited.
  9. Seeing an angel in the bathroom. (4 yrs. old)
    I went to a church preschool and one time we saw an angel in the bathroom. She didn't have wings though. But she had a beautiful voice and she was singing.