If Gwen Stefani and I were friends for a day, our day would go like this
  1. Get brunch
  2. Talk about boys
  3. Get our nails done
  4. Make/buy friendship bracelets
  5. Go to Gwen's house
  6. She'd give me a makeover
  7. And show me which shade of red lipstick works for me
  8. She'd also let me raid her closet
  9. And we'd take lots of selfies
  10. Watch tv for a couple hours
  11. By now it's dinner time
  12. We'd get pizza
  13. Come home and watch a movie
  14. Bake brownies or cookies
  15. And braid each other's hair
  16. And show each other cute pictures and videos of baby animals.
  17. And finally agree to do this again next week.