Inspired by @ListPrompts "How I Met My Significant Other"
  1. In 8th grade, I started going to a new school.
    Great idea on my parents' behalf, since I would only be there for one year then have to go to a new school for high school anyway.
  2. It was the first time I had been in a co-Ed school since 4th grade.
    Boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys
  3. Unfortunately, this was 8th grade so I was ugly and awkward.
    Also, I was the new kid so I was weird, too.
  4. There were 40 kids in the entire 8th grade class and one of them was this kid named Jordan.
  5. He was pretty quiet and wore glasses.
  6. And he thought I was really f*%#ing weird.
    He told me years later.
  7. We weren't really friends, so after 8th grade, we didn't talk again.
  8. Fast forward to 11th grade.
  9. My mom finally let me get a MySpace and Facebook.
    *~*~* not online. Text it *~*~*
  10. I added Jordan and a bunch of other people I was friends/kind of friends with in 8th grade.
    Let's be real, I was desperate to look "cool" 😎
  11. Again, we didn't really talk.
  12. When I was 19, I got a job at a movie theater.
    A $2 movie theater to be exact. We got a lot of bummy people, rowdy high schoolers, and young adults on cheap dates.
  13. Jordan came into the theater and bought a ticket from me.
  14. I kinda recognized him but I kinda didn't because I hadn't seen him in years and he looked more grown up
    Aka cuter.
  15. He wrote on my wall about buying a ticket from me like 2 seconds later.
    Photo courtesy of time hop.
  16. We talked a little back and forth and then we didn't talk again.
  17. Two years after that (when I was 21), I was in Louisiana for school.
  18. My best friend Carolyn tweeted something and I tweeted back a question
    Because I was obviously too lazy to text her.
  19. When she replied, she tagged me and Jordan in the same tweet.
  20. I figured I kinda knew him, so I followed him on Twitter.
    And he followed me back.
  21. A few weeks later he tweeted he wanted to see Justin Timberlake at the Rose Bowl but didn't want to go by himself.
  22. I said I would go and pay him for my ticket.
  23. And he said not to worry about the ticket if I went to dinner with him when I came home for the summer.
  24. So months go by and I finally come home for summer
  25. And Jordan and I went on a few dates.
    This was our first baseball game together.
  26. We finally go see Justin Timberlake in August.
    AND IT WAS AMAZING I ALMOST CRIED but I didn't want Jordan to think I was weird so I didn't cry but I did make him put his arm around me during Mirrors.
  27. And a couple weeks later I had to go back to Louisiana for school.
  28. We talked every night and had a mutual agreement that we wouldn't date other people.
  29. The following April, Jordan flew out and visited me (since I didn't get to come home for Christmas) and asked me to be his girlfriend.
    We also went to a gator farm and got to hold baby gators! Louisiana is pretty great sometimes.
  30. I came home permanently 8 months later.
    He got me from LAX, gave me flowers, and paid for my in n out.
  31. It's been a year since I came home and I can honestly say I've never been happier. 💖