Luckily I wasn't hurt but I'm still pissed, obvs.
  1. I was walking home from work.
    I live a mile from where I work and I don't have a car so I just walk. It's not horrible when the weather isn't crap.
  2. I'm like almost to my house
  3. And these two guys start walking towards me.
  4. The guy in front was kinda mumbling which made me nervous so I started to walk closer to the street.
  5. And my dumb ass thought it'd be a good idea to act like I was busy on my phone
    Because usually guys try to talk to me and when I'm on my phone they get the hint and leave me alone.
  6. The second guy kinda stepped towards me and jacked me phone
  7. And took off running towards this apartment complex.
    It's kinda open. Like they ran down the driveway where all the car ports are.
  8. And I was literally like WHAT THE FUCK!????!!??!?
  9. So I try to chase them
  10. But they're like 5'7" all legs and I'm 5'2" and not a runner so they got away
  11. And I just started screaming at them to come back
  12. Then I yelled HEY FUCK YOU
  13. And I start screaming and crying because I was in the middle of texting my boyfriend and I was actually trying to tell him these sketch ass guys were coming my way.
  14. So I flag down a car driving down the street and I'm fucking crying and I'm like "please help me. These assholes just stole my phone"
  15. And they think I'm crazy and drive away.
  16. Luckily there was a guy who actually works for the apartment complex where those ugly fucks ran.
  17. So he tries to help but he wasn't that helpful but anyway he calls the police.
    He tried to talk to the apartment manager who doesn't want him to help me because I was "on their property." Which I wasn't, I was walking past and 2 of your residents stole my phone, you insensitive ass.
  18. The police show up and I'm trying to remember what they looked like but I was so mad I couldn't really remember.
  19. Also they dropped cough syrup so I gave it to the police and they said it was prescribed to a woman so they probably stole that too.
  20. Whatever so basically that's how I got my phone stolen by some ugly tweaker fucks.
  21. Now I keep my phone in my bag and I carry my keys like claws.
  22. P.S. this happened on Thursday and now it's basically Tuesday and I'm still FURIOUS.
  23. P.S. part 2 - I got my replacement phone. But that's not really important.