And why I'm not scared of the ghost that lives here.
  1. During the last couple years of her life, my grandma Jackie moved in with my uncle and his family.
  2. She lived off chocolate, Diet Coke, and cigarettes.
    Seriously. Every time I saw her she had one of those three things in her hand.
  3. She also always wore flip flops.
  4. My grandma Jackie passed away in her sleep in 2004.
    Obviously in my uncle's house.
  5. Now it's 2015 and I live with my uncle and his family.
    Because of reasons.
  6. One night I was eating a little late snack at the dinner table and I heard steps like someone was walking down the hall.
  7. I also felt air like when someone walks past.
  8. I turned and just saw the back of someone, but they were wearing a white shirt.
  9. I figured it was probably my aunt going into the living room to get some yarn for her next crochet project.
  10. But then I realized she would have turned the light on.
  11. But whatever. I finished eating, put my dishes in the sink and left.
  12. On my way to my room, I passed the office where my aunt was sitting.
  13. She was wearing a blue shirt.
  14. Ok so like 3 days later I asked my aunt if she owned a white shirt.
  15. She said no.
  16. So I told her how I thought I saw her go into the living room the other night.
  17. And she was like "no it wasn't me. But you know who that was, right?" 😏😏
  18. So anyway, that's why I'm not scared of the ghost in my house.