1. Reasons why I couldn't sleep last night
    Hearing noises (probably ghosts). Thinking about American Horror Story. Did something just touch me? It was probably a ghost. Or a scary thing from American Horror Story.
  2. The types of people who you meet in customer service.
    Grumpy old people. The mom that ignores her kids and tells them to be quiet when they're trying to talk to her. The person that cuts you off and says "No!" when you ask them questions. That one punk customer who stays 10 minutes after the store has closed.
  3. Things I have to do today.
    Shower. Brush my teeth. Change my outfit at least twice before deciding. This list is actually quite boring.
  4. People who are not on this app that I would totally follow.
    Molly McAleer. Ed Hanson. My best friend Tina. My sisters. Gwen Stefani.