1. My last nap was: 2.5 hours
  2. Number of empty water bottles in my room: 20. At least.
    I tell myself I'm going to recycle them but I'm too embarrassed to leave my room with so many water bottles.
  3. Number of bobby pins I bought: 50
  4. Number of bobby pins I can find: 3
  5. Number of states I've visited (not counting my home state): 8
    Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida.
  6. Number of blankets I fall asleep with: 3
  7. Number of blankets I wake up with: 1 if I'm lucky.
  8. Number of siblings I have: 7
    2 sisters, 1 step sister, 2 half sisters (one on each side), 2 half brothers.
  9. Number of times I've seen The Notebook: 1
  10. Number of hours I cried after watching The Notebook: 6.
    I couldn't sleep that night. I just kept crying.
  11. Number of times I've been disappointed by a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel at Disneyland: 2
    Very cute, very dry.
  12. Number of times I've pooped at my boyfriend's house: 2
    We've been together for almost 2 years.
  13. Number of times I've seen Gwen Stefani perform live: 12
    5 were with No Doubt