I no longer feel guilty about not being friends anymore.
  1. She gave me crap for wearing leggings.
    She said only skinny girls should wear leggings as pants and I wasn't skinny.
  2. She said I had a stripper name.
    Strippers make lots of money, so thanks for the backhanded compliment, ass.
  3. She would constantly make me be her wing woman then get mad at me when guys would stop talking to her.
    Not my fault that you're a horrible person!!!!
  4. She got mad at me when I made new friends.
  5. She told me my other friends didn't like me and I didn't need them.
    Aka she was controlling and manipulative af.
  6. She would try to make me do her homework.
    Because it was "too hard." Girl, you're in college. It's supposed to be hard.
  7. She would usually respond to whatever I was saying with "that's stupid."
    Friends don't do that!!!
  8. She was really mean to her parents and younger sister.
    I went to college out of state. I missed my family so much and it sucked to see her visit them all the time and still treat them like crap.
  9. The first time I went to her parents' house, I found out they were actually pretty racist.
    And the [racist] apple does not fall far from the [racist] tree.