1. I always give my cousin crap about not doing his homework.
    Not because I'm a jerk and like to get him in trouble. Because he speaks Spanish at home and is failing Spanish because he doesn't do his homework and that's stupid. Do your work, man!
  2. I made him do nose strips with me last night.
    His nose had lots of blackheads and I want him to look nice so he can find himself a girlfriend someday :)
  3. We insult and embarrass each other
    Like the time he made this picture of me the wallpaper on grandpa's iPad.
  4. I make him take selfies with me
    Like this
  5. And this
  6. And this too
  7. And this one
    Featuring his mom :)
  8. I make him try on clothes that I think would look good on him.
    He's in denial that these joggers look pretty good. He didn't end up buying them though.
  9. But overall he's a good kid and I'm just looking out for him cuz I love him.
  10. Oh yeah PS I gave him tickets to his first concert :)