1. Good morning texts.
    They're even better when they don't wake you up. But even when I get woken up by a text message, I don't get too mad because it means someone thought of me this morning and wanted to say hello.
  2. "I saw this and thought of you" texts
    Usually it's a silly picture from the Internet. One time my aunt found a tshirt that said something I had been saying the week before. But they're always nice because duh, someone thought of you!
  3. Seeking fashion advice texts
    My sister always texts me or at least snapchats me when she goes shopping without me. She'll show me pants she's debating between or dresses she likes. And I love it because it's cool that she wants a second opinion, my opinion, in whether or not it's a good purchase.
  4. Texts about your dog
    I love my friends but I also love their dogs! What is your dog doing? Did he eat breakfast? Did he bark at the mailman today? I want to know!!!