1. Dining hall food
    It looks like pizza. It smells like pizza. But it tastes like it fell on the ground. Also it bounced when I threw half of it in the trash can.
  2. Paper thin walls
    My freshman year I lived in an on-campus apartment. My RA lived in the apartment next to us, so I shared a bedroom wall with her. Every Sunday I woke up to hearing her bed hitting the wall.
  3. The stress of paying for college.
    I went to school out of state and my parents had other children living at home to support. I was basically on my own which led to at least one mental breakdown a week.
  4. Paying for textbooks
    Some professors are cool and tell you straight up you don't need the book. And then some professors are real dicks and make you buy 6 books plus an access code and make participation part of your grade.
  5. Fuckboys
    I mean, there's fuckboys in the real world, but they're a little more tolerable in my opinion.