Basically I'm a hypocrite but here's what I don't wanna see on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  1. Complaints
    Ok I know I'm like breaking my own rule. But I don't like seeing someone's status saying all the bad things that happened to them today because I feel like we should focus on the good parts of the day. If nothing was positive, just have faith that tomorrow will be better and today is almost over.
  2. Getting drunk/high.
    I love shots and beer pong as much as the next girl, but I don't need an instant recap of what's going on on snapchat. Also, I get it, you vape.
  3. Concerts.
    Send a picture. Maybe a clip of your fav song. But for the love of God, LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Be present. Stop Snapchatting and enjoy the concert. Plus, the short person behind you really doesn't want to watch the concert through your phone.
  4. 10 pictures of the same thing.
    I unfollowed a girl on Instagram because she would post like 7 pictures within 30 minutes of her and her boyfriend smiling. Then making silly faces. Then winking. Then laughing. Then smiling again but her hair was down. Then in black and white. OH MY GOD I GET IT YOU HAD A SELFIE PHOTOSHOOT ON YOUR MOMS COUCH. COOL.
  5. Snapchats of you driving
    I'm absolutely terrified I'm going to see a snapchat of one of my friends driving and then I'll see them on tv for getting into a horrible accident.
  6. Kissing pictures.
    Let me clarify: if you just got married or engaged or found out you're pregnant, then go ahead. A holiday or photo booth are also acceptable. But I feel weird seeing a selfie of you guys kissing and one of you is holding the camera. My boyfriend and I don't take kissing selfies because we think it's weird. But maybe we're weird......?