1. Grumpy old people.
    Okay I feel bad about saying bad things about old people but they complain about the dumbest things. The pinpad is too high. The pinpad is too low. They don't want to join the rewards program because they don't have a computer. They get mad at me because the company I work for doesn't offer military discounts. I talk too quietly. I could go on forever about this one. But I'll stop.
  2. The mom that is not nice to her kids.
    The mom that yells at her kids for looking or touching things. Then when the kid wants to ask something, she says to be quiet. Or worse, she just ignores them. :(
  3. The rude customer that cuts you off.
    Before I can even ask if they're part of the rewards program, they say no. I ask if they'd like to join and they loudly shout NO over me. Trust me, I'm not trying to annoy you. I can get fired though if I don't ask you these things.
  4. The person that clearly doesn't get enough social interaction.
    I feel for these people. They want to ask me about my life and talk about their life and I'm actually interested but I have like 6 other people to ring up and the more I learn about you, the grumpier every one else is getting. I feel really bad when I'm like OK WELL BYE!
  5. The jerk that stays until after the store is closed.
    If you think I get to leave as soon as the store closes, you are mistaken. I still have to clean. My supervisor has to close out my register. My manager has to finish paperwork. When you're taking your sweet ass time coming to the register, you're keeping all of us from clocking out on time.
  6. The creep who thinks it's okay to hit on you.
    You can compliment me, I guess. But don't like try and kiss my hand or try and get my number call me beautiful like every 5 seconds. It's creepy and I'm sensitive so I actually cry about it later. :(