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  1. Damon and Elena- The Vampire Diaries
    You don't even realize when you start rooting for delena but when they finally get together, oh man the tears start flowing. Delena are the epitome of passion. The way Damon makes Elena feel alive, the way Elena makes Damon feel like he's capable of good, it's all so beautiful
  2. Ryan and Kelly- The Office
    Everyone always roots for Jim and Pam but wake up people- Ryan and Kelly are the real deal! They're painfully dysfunctional, but that's what makes their relationship real! We don't always get Jim and Pam fairytale relationships, so I appreciate the wild side of young love shown with Ryan and Kelly
  3. Naomi Clark and herself- 90210
    Now that's not what I actually mean. A queen like Naomi can get any guy, but at the end of the day it's her love for herself that I admire the most. She is beauty goals, body goals, outfit goals, but most importantly, confidence goals!
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One day I'll move here, you'll see!
  1. Beaches, obviously
    And motivation to have a beach body
  2. Hot weather without the suffocating humidity
  3. IN N OUT !!!!!
    Believe the hype
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