One day I'll move here, you'll see!
  1. Beaches, obviously
    And motivation to have a beach body
  2. Hot weather without the suffocating humidity
  3. IN N OUT !!!!!
    Believe the hype
  4. Disneyland can easily become your second home
    season. pass. !!
  5. Don't feel like showering? Good because you can't! No water
  6. Relive your favorite tv shows in San Francisco (Full House, That's So Raven)
  7. Good way to practice your Spanish speaking skills without actually leaving the country
  8. Pinkberry
  9. Santa Monica Pier
    Where every day is a cheap carnival
  10. Celebrity encounters
    Just avoid turning into a crazy stalker. That's not cute.
  11. Range Rovers EVERYWHERE
    aka money bags on wheels
  12. Being able to act rich in Beverly Hills
  13. Get lost in the fog at the Golden Gate Bridge
    #justgirlythings ??
  14. Make fun of the obvious tourists