I'm literally closing my eyes and picking something so most of these will be selfies because I like my face 90% of the time and I don't have friends
  1. When my hair was long and perfect
  2. I will never love anyone more than I love Judy Garland.
  3. I want a relationship like Lucy x Ricky Ricardo because Lucy x Desi had a shit relationship and I don't want that.
  4. These shorts make my ass looks ace but the zipper is complete shit
  5. My best friend since the 2nd grade.
    She came over to my house once to try and sell me something from the catalog that every kid from our school got. We ended up watching the Wizard of Oz together and she left little before dark. The next day, she told me that her parents thought she was kidnapped and had half of the county's police force at her house. And that's how we first met.