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  1. Big Little Lies
    Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was BORN to play Madeline Martha McKenzie.
  2. Kickboxing
    Endorphins make you happy.
  3. Scandal Season 6
    Probably my fave season. SO. GOOD.
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including some from 2016
  1. Good Behavior
  2. Ladies of London
  3. Legion
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  1. Usnavi - Prince Royce
  2. Sonny - Anthony Ramos
  3. Vanessa - Eiza Gonzalez
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  1. David Korins
  2. Juan Diego Botto
  3. Edgar Ramirez
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  1. Bellamy Young
  2. Michelle Dockery
  3. Olivia Wilde
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  1. Season 3 of Glee on DVD. Or any season. If it's a show on Netflix, I don't need the DVD.
  2. Excessive amounts of chocolate (unless it's Toblerone)
  3. Fuzzy socks. I already own approximately 1.2 billion pairs
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  1. The entire relationship of Prince William and Kate Middleton, from friendship to marriage and the present day
  2. The epic love triangle of Jim Halpert, Pam Beesley, and Karen Filipelli
  3. That time the Kardashians got into a fight over Kim's Bentley
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  1. I saw a guy I liked for the first time in about 6 months and I still have a lot of anger towards him that I can't express.
  2. I was very hungry, but I am afraid to gain more weight, so I don't eat full meals after 7 pm.
  3. I ran out of wine.
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  1. I want to make out in a cab with him
  2. Go to a music festival
  3. Eat pasta at Olive Garden
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