Here are some folks that sparked my sexuality

  1. Zach Morris
  2. Prince Eric
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio
  4. John F Kennedy Jr
  5. Paul Walker
  6. Joss Stone
    We had a moment at the Austin City Limits festival in 2007. I was near the front of the crowd. We locked eyes for a moment at the beginning of her set. She kept walking back and forth across the stage, but would sometimes linger on the area of the stage in front of me. After the set, she threw a bunch of roses into the crowd. She walked almost directly in front of me and then tossed them out. I was so close to getting a rose, but the person in front of me was taller and caught it.
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch
  8. Michael Fassbender
  9. Mark Ruffalo
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  11. Rashida Jones
    I don't have a story about her. She's just wonderful.
  12. Side note: I identify as straight but I do have girl crushes. I even have a whole list devoted to them.