My life, as told by Hamilton

out of order. also I skipped over some stuff.
  1. In 2nd grade, I won a pizza for reading the most books in my class.
  2. That one time I got a yellow in my 1st grade class because I couldn't follow the rules.
  3. Passing notes in high school because we couldn't have our phones out.
  4. When the teacher catches you passing notes and reads it to the class.
  5. 2003. The height of emo.
  6. When you get a B and don't want your mom to find out.
  7. I stopped growing when I was 9. I am 5' 3".
  8. When the seniors graduate, but you're a junior.
  9. Turning up with the homies at the Homecoming dance.
  10. When you're in college and you think you know everything.
  11. I met a shady guy at a party and made up an alias.
  12. Now that I am in my mid 20s, my life is coming together, and I got more swag.