She was so very ahead of her time.
  1. She steals the show from three brilliant, male, comedic actors. She can hang-with and overshadow the boys club that is Seinfeld (and comedies in general at times).
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  2. She was the female lead of a major sitcom without being blond or stupid.
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  3. She was the original Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to being the "modern woman" on TV, except she's smarter, funnier and sexier.
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  4. What that means is she was having sex just as much as the male leads but not feverishly looking for a LTR. Also openly discussed birth control, masturbation, the female orgasm, etc.
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  5. She was an independent woman.
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  6. She wasn't afraid to fight, yell, scream or offend anyone.
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  7. Someone asked her to pull off this outfit for like 5 years and she did it.
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  8. She wasn't whiney or bitchy within the group dynamic
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  9. But she doesn't let anyone get away with bullshit
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  10. She invented "dance like nobody's watching"
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  11. She rocked an insane head of hair
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  12. She remained friends with her ex and was super cool about it (LIKE MANY REAL LIFE WOMEN ARE).
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    Though Jerry and Elaine totally end up together in my dreams.
  13. She gets hotter with age.
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