Sounds I Hear Through My Paper Thin Bedroom Window in East Hollywood

As I lay here browsing the many creative lists on this app thinking how will I ever come up with one... I hear a gunshot (maybe a single firework?) And here we are.
  1. Gunshot
    Once in a blue moon, like tonight
  2. Fire crackers
    Only on special occasions like cinco de mayo or the 4th of July. Or a week before the 4th of July when you're scared shitless and realize they're just "testing" them for the actual holiday.
  3. Mariachi music coming from the house next door
    Bright and early on Sunday mornings
  4. Tropical birds chirping
    From the parrots and canaries my neighbors have caged up outside. When I first moved in I thought, how nice, to wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside, thinking they were wild.
  5. Lucy the Maltipoo's barking
    Poor thing, are maltipoos supposed to be kept outside?
  6. Car alarms
  7. Search helicopters hovering
    I tell my mom I live in a perfectly safe area. And I do!
  8. Children playing with recorders
    I am never giving my children recorders. They will never know what these god forsaken annoying ass "instruments" are.