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um okay i have been asked to write a list about this boy i just met bc i keep talking about him on twitter & trust me this feels as weird and unreal to me as it will to you?? anyway here is a list of things he has said and done since our first date TWO WEEKS AGO byeeeee
  1. he showed me this amazing cartoon and we watched it all together on our first date and i loved it
  2. he's kind of softspoken and it's so cute???
  3. we walked around the north end and picked a place to go to dinner because we saw a man playing the accordion inside
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Inspired by @talor and @nantea
  1. The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
    2nd in a series that will eventually be movies starring Emma Watson. This one was way worse than the first.
  2. Gabi, A Girl In Pieces by Isabel Quintero
    So so so so so so good
  3. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
    So cute, so wonderful
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Inspired by the list I requested from @sarahgorman last season
  1. Whitney
    Looks like...
  2. Nina Dobrev
  3. Vanessa
    Looks like...
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  1. Carrie Fisher went from the #1 space princess of our hearts to the #1 general. She was brash and honest and spoke openly about the sexism she faced in Hollywood and her struggles with addiction. She also broke mental health barriers by discussing her bipolar disorder publicly. I can't believe she's gone. My heart feels like Alderaan.
  2. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I was a kid. I've been a diehard Star Wars fan for most of my life. When I grew up and struggled with my mental health, Carrie Fisher was one of the voices who spoke out for the mental health community.
    She is truly one of a kind, and I'm using my Christmas money to buy her books.
    Suggested by   @lexie_elyse
  3. The Star Wars movies were my most-watched movies as a kid. Seeing a bad ass female character who doesn't need to be saved, and doesn't take any shit from those "moon jockeys" meant a lot to me. I wanted to be her. Carrie was just like Leia: didn't take anyone's shit. She's been calling Hollywood on their sexism for years, and I love her for it.
    I already had plans to watch Empire today, and after hearing the news, it's even more important that I watch it today. I've been sad over celebrity deaths before, but this one hit me hard.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
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You know when you're making pizza and you change it and experiment every time depending on what toppings you're in the mood for, but the basic ingredients (dough, olive oil, marinara sauce, mozz) stay the same? Hollywood is totally like that. Here's a rundown of some specific, super-full-of-white-men director/actor groups I've noticed and ranked.
  1. 17.
    The Adam Sandler Pack
    Okay so I haven't seen most of these movies or frankly wanted to see them but I feel like not including these dudes (and Drew Barrymore) would be a pretty glaring omission. So. Here they are!!
  2. 16.
    The David O Russell Party
    Hi sorry to fans but I really dislike these movies and I'm super tired of seeing JLaw, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Robert De Niro together. It's not even that I'm biased, I go into everything really wanting to love it — Silver Linings Playbook, Joy, American Hustle — but I find them so boring and disappointing. I did love I Heart Huckabees back in the day but I haven't seen it since I was 16 so. A lot of people love these but every year I'm like Oscar noms??? Again???? I don't get it!!
  3. 15.
    The Richard Linklater Co-op
    Dazed and Confused feels more separate to me from his other movies, and it will forever be a favorite of mine. But if you're watching a weird movie that seems to be making a big philosophical point about life and it has Ethan Hawke in it, you're probably watching a Richard Linklater movie. Or Gattaca. I did love Waking Life though!! And Boyhood was an incredible and ambitious project totally unlike anything other directors are doing.
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according to me 🗿
  1. Some Kind of Happiness — Claire Legrand
    Cover art by Julia Sarda
  2. We Found a Hat — Jon Klassen
    Cover art by Jon Klassen
  3. The Sun is Also a Star — Nicola Yoon
    Cover art by Dominique Falla
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yo some eccentric millionaire or something owns this store in Chicago called Architectural Artifacts and it's full of cool stuff and on all the labels he writes hilarious things like "very cool," "really nice," "good"
I work book signings at Harvard Book Store every once in awhile and I love meeting authors. These are some of my favorite possessions 💙
  1. 17.
    We Are Pirates — Daniel Handler
  2. 16.
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone — Harry 7th Year
    what can I say, I went to a lot of Harry and the Potters shows
  3. 15.
    Rosie Revere, Engineer — Andrea Beatty
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i'm hip!!!!! also lmao "mood board" bye
  1. twilight zone or westworld??
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