Not a comprehensive list--but here are some I love:
  1. Birthday of Adolphe Sax
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  2. End of the Mayan Calendar
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  3. Birthday of Niels Bohr
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  4. Birthday of Rodin
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  6. Birthday of Bram Stoker
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  7. Birthday of Gustav Klimt
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  8. Birthday of Fellini
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  9. Birthday of Franz Kafka
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  10. Birthday of Charles Dickens
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  11. Birthday of Anna Pavlova
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  12. Birthday of Francois Truffaut
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  13. Birthday of the dude who made the zipper
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  14. Birthday of Robert Doisneau
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  15. Anniversary of 1st drive-in movie
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  16. Birthday of Ada Lovelace
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  17. Birthday of Gustav Flaubert
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  18. Birthday of Ella Fitzgerald
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  19. Birthday of Edward Gorey
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  20. 150 years of the Tube
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  21. 50th anniversary of Doctor Who
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  22. Birthday of Copernicus
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  23. Anniversary of "I Have a Dream" speech
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  24. Birthday of Kandinsky
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  25. Birthday of Jules Verne
    8248850e 8d8f 4315 8df3 3075020701eb
    (Personal fave; the best one I've ever seen)
  26. Winsor McCay's Little Nemo comic
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  27. Birthday of Houdini
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  28. Birthday of Amelia Earhart
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  29. Birthday of Foucault
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  30. Birthday of Ida B. Wells
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  31. Water found on Mars
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  32. Birthday of Langston Hughes
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  33. Birthday of Rorschach
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  34. Anniversary of Statue of Liberty's delivery
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