Truly it is a wild and rip-roarin life. Was honestly pretty nervous as a ~lady~ getting into comics but either I am lucky in the comic book shops nearby being v inclusive or the scene isn't as unwelcoming towards girls as it once was. But in all honesty comics are the shit and I am totally in love with this medium and the possibilities of it 😍😍
  1. Saga
    My first foray! And yes, it is just as dope as everyone says it is.
  2. The Wicked and the Divine
    Continually blows me away NOT ONLY in terms of exciting and unpredictable storytelling but ESPECIALLY in terms of diversity/inclusiveness. Honestly the best representation I have ever seen--across ALL mediums--of gender fluidity/race/religion/sexuality. Waiting for the rest of the world to catch up to this witty, thought-provoking, and absolutely beautiful comic.
  3. Bitch Planet
    NON COMPLIANT. This one is wonderful, especially when you read the essays at the back and the notes from the creators and you realize how thoughtfully they put it together. They talk a lot about trying to consciously avoid the male gaze and it is evident. Super smart, super spirited, I'm all about this.
  4. Lumberjanes
    Impossible to read without a smile on your face.
  5. A-Force
    All-female Avengers lineup. I started reading this for Singularity, the coolest dopest amazingest superhero ever (she is a pocket universe that gained consciousness and she is beautiful) but Marvel is honestly so intimidating in its sheer abundance that I feel pretty lost.
  6. Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon
    This was recommended to me by my cousin, but I couldn't get into it.
  7. Ody-C
    Gender-swapped Odyssey in outer space. So beautiful. So very very hard to read!! Need to go back to this one and read it more carefully. Once again, art will blow your mind.
  8. Alex & Ada
    Pretty good...into the sentient robot storylines I have been seeing popping up all over the place but the ~heteronormativity~ of this one grated on me. I found myself wishing, once Ada "woke up" that it wouldn't evolve into a love story with Alex, the first/only male human she interacts with. Was disappointed. Easy to read though, and I liked the sparseness of the art and the v neutral color scheme.
  9. Phonogram: Immaterial Girl
    Loving this short series by the creators of WicDiv. Have the two trade volumes of Phonogram but still need to read them. Halfway through Vol. 2 (guy at comic book shop told me to start with 2 since they're not chronological and he said it's better).
  10. Low
    Picked the first trade of this up bc the art is stunning. Very much what I imagined the Dr. Eleven comics to look like in the book Station Eleven. And yeah, could sing the praises of the art in this for a long time, but this is one of the most problematic depictions of females I have ever seen in my (admittedly short) comic time. Never fully clothed, often COLLARED for reasons nonessential to the plot, generally shit on by the men in the story. Fumed while reading this.
  11. Ms. Marvel
    Kamala Khan 😍😍🌞😍🌞😍😍🌞 this one is so wonderful
  12. Sex Criminals
    Read the first trade and hated it. I know people that love it, but the girl felt severely underdeveloped and the whole thing felt so gimmicky to me, especially how he catches her interest by quoting the first page of Lolita (kill me) and the whole Fat Bottomed Girls shtick. Not my thing.
  13. Secret Wars
    Trying to read but super lost because again, Marvel is huge and intimidating
  14. Rat Queens
    Was ALL ABOUT THIS. Seriously worth reading, the first trade was gold. The second one really threw me for a loop when they switched the artist, and I was not happy with it, but then I found out they fired the first artist because of domestic violence! Very unsettling as I had preferred his style but truthfully I am so glad the other creators didn't put up with that shit. Have not yet read anything past volume 2.
  15. That's it! Please let me know any you think I'd like based on these--recommendations much appreciated!!! Plan to write a separate list at some point about my fave graphic novels so I didn't include them here.
  16. And obvi I recommend the ones I have talked about favorably here!!