I have v low blood pressure/used to get woozy at the sight or mention of blood so I've got a lotta experience with this // this isn't counting when I faint like every other day at home when I get up too fast. Everyone says it's weird but I think it feels cool?? Except when it happens in public I get flustered and overwhelmed and everyone stares
  1. First day of school in 5th grade during silent reading
    I was reading Walk Two Moons and I got to the part where the mom has a miscarriage and there's all this blood and then I went up to my teacher and was like "Mrs. Alberti I don't feel well..." and then the next thing I remember is some kid going "your head hit the trash can!!!" And then my teacher being like "that's the power of a good book!!!" and they made me ride in a wheelchair to the nurse's office
  2. At the doctor's office when I had a wart on my foot frozen off
    Not as public I guess
  3. In 6th grade at a pool party when some girl told me to breathe in and out rly fast and then pressed down on my jugular veins for a while
    Not my smartest move, I admit
  4. In 8th grade on stage in the middle of a chorus concert
    Lol, oops, that was embarrassing
  5. In the middle of an intersection in Times Square when I was 15 and got heat stroke on the way to a Dispatch concert at MSG
    Did you guys know there are straight up no public restrooms in Times Square///everyone looks at you like you're a drug addict if you keep fainting even if you're only 15
  6. In 12th grade oceanography class during the shark unit when we were reading an article about a boy whose arm was bitten off
    The article talked about how they knew they'd reconnected all the veins in his arm correctly when all the cuts started bleeding again and I was like BYE
  7. At an indoor Phish concert when I was 19 bc of all the smoke & heat & standing
    Fainting during Phish concerts is v fun bc you feel like you took a lot of drugs even though you didn't
  8. At a Phish concert at MSG on New Year's Eve when I was 20 for the same reason
    Still fun
  9. On the MBTA Green Line once when I was 21
    Not fun
  10. Giving blood once two years ago
  11. At the CVS in Davis Square when I had heat stroke last year. They called 911 and took me to the hospital in an ambulance
    That day was a lot
  12. At a David Sedaris event I was supposed to be working like 3 months ago
    Got sent home
  13. Probably like tomorrow