Inspired by @sarahgorman but guys mine is SINCERE. SIN.CERE.
  1. Hi! I'm Christine
    I live in Boston
  2. I'm 25 & mostly grumpy
    Here is a pic I sent to @mirthnuts one day. Nitya keeps me in the know re: Youth Culture
  3. I can make a rainbow out of my pants
    Seems relevant
  4. I'm betrothed
    I think he's got a crush on the stormtrooper tho
  5. I work at a children's book publisher, mainly as a copywriter, & it's amazing, I love it
    Proof we are living in the 2nd golden age of picture books: PROOF WE ARE LIVING IN THE 2ND GOLDEN AGE OF PICTURE BOOKS
  6. I have a famous friend
    Haiiiiii @sarahgorman
  7. I like to take pictures of doors around where I live (Somerville, MA)
    You can follow me on insta if you want!!! @doorsofcamberville. One time someone wrote an article about it and it was v cool:
  8. This is my best friend, Mary
    She's turning 2 in a month
  9. I have a tattoo of Orion that I love
    I'm ~eDgY~
  10. One time I did this
  11. Once I said a mean thing about someone to Nitya & it was really off-brand
  12. I love Steve Rogers more than most of the people I know IRL
  13. I have 20 cousins on my mom's side and they're all cool af
    That's me in the hot pink 👙
  14. I like to do puzzles, primarily of the crossword and jigsaw varieties
    I'm workin on this one rn
  15. I LOVE: books, movies, Harry Potter, flowers, donuts, babies, comics, Lord of the Rings, muffins, Steven Universe, trees, tv, walking, meeting people, dancing, superheroes, BB-8, writing, buying lip products I'll never wear, taking pictures, hanging with my fam, museums, grilled meat, the ocean, building fires, singing, Hamilton, rollercoasters
  16. I love a lot of things and people and I have a lot of love to give!!!