@KyloR3n. The only accounts he follows are Darth Vader and Hot Topic.
  1. "what's the word for when your father is frozen in carbonite but emotionally for your whole childhood"
  2. "dad the wookiee used all my garnier fructis"
  3. "my dad owns too many vests"
  4. "I don't really want to read atlas shrugged but hux says it's a must"
  5. "current status: in a sarlacc pit but emotionally"
  6. "just to clarify: it is not a blankie. it is an heirloom piece of darth Vader's cape and I don't technically NEED it to fall asleep"
  7. *sets Vader breathing as his text message tone*
  8. "ugh parsecs are units of distance DAD"
  9. "dear diary. hux and I have made livejournal accounts. his name on it is starkiller and mine is xXxVaderxXx"
  10. *writes "search your feelings. you know it to be true" on his converse in black sharpie*
  11. "I wish more words rhymed with darth vader. I guess not every poem needs to rhyme"
  12. *serenading Vader's burned out helmet* wake me up inside (I can't wake up) wake me up inside
  13. "I prefer dark craft beers"
  14. "grandpa. does my hair look okay"
  15. *force-slams his bedroom door*
  16. "dear diary. hux let me borrow his copy of catcher in the rye. it's okay so far"
  17. "I relate to holden caulfield"
  18. "holden caulfield knows what it means to commit to a bold choice of headgear and I respect that"
  19. "you can't truly appreciate the imperial march until you hear it on vinyl"
  20. "it's not a tantrum MOM"
  21. "dear diary. I met a guy at lunch named hux. he has read Nietzsche he says. he says everyone should read Nietzsche"
  22. "the only person who could truly understand what I'm going through died on the second death star before i was even born"
  23. "dear diary. hux and I sat together at lunch. he agrees the destruction of alderaan was justified"
  24. #notallsith