When I'm very sad I have a hard time concentrating on books, so I like to watch tv to take my mind off everything. Here are some of my favorite eps to revisit when I need a break.
  1. Parks and Rec: "The Fight"
    This is the incomparable snake juice ep. In college my roommates and I would put this one on whenever one of us was having a bad day
  2. Steven Universe: "Steven and the Stevens"
    Just a whole lot of fun to watch
  3. Steven Universe: "Mindful Education"
    One of the newest episodes. Not funny but so thoughtful and all about taking a step back and a deep breath when everything feels like too much and you're falling apart
  4. Avatar: The Legend of Korra: "The Calling"
    This one makes me cry a lot. It's about Korra finally letting go of a really traumatic experience and allowing herself to heal
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender: "The Blind Bandit"
    We meet Toph!!
  6. The OC: "The LA"
    Yo this ep is hilarious and Paris Hilton has a cameo and talks about Thomas Pynchon with Seth at a strip club and like honestly what could be better than that
  7. Arrested Development: "Good Grief!"
    The iconic Charlie Brown references
  8. Arrested Development: "Forget-Me-Now"
    Family Love Michael
  9. Planet Earth: "Fresh Water"
    This is my very favorite Planet Earth ep — all the water shots are so stunning and I find it so calming to take in the extraordinary scope and power of the fresh water on this planet. But maybe fast forward thru the terrifying giant newt things
  10. Doctor Who: "Blink"
    In my top 5 Doctor Who eps of all time, and it's a perfectly self-contained episode so if you've never seen the show before you won't be completely lost. Also Carey Mulligan!!
  11. Doctor Who: "Vincent and the Doctor"
    Just beautiful. Eleven and Amy go back to save Van Gogh from an invisible monster and it's just stunning and you'll cry
  12. Psych: "Dead Air"
    Tbh I remember nothing about this ep besides Gus being a hilarious smooth talking radio show host
  13. Veronica Mars: "Silence of the Lamb"
    We are introduced to Deputy Leo D'Amato and if he can't put a smile on your face idk what will!!
  14. Party Down: "California College Conservative Union Caucus"
    Really any Party Down ep works, but I think this one is particularly hilarious
  15. iZombie: "Grumpy Old Liv"
    Liv eats the brain of a racist old man and her interactions with Clive are incredible
  16. Flight of the Conchords: "Bowie"
    Just A+ television right here
  17. Peep Show: "University Challenge"
    The bus scene and the ancient history bit...genius
  18. Freaks and Geeks: "Looks and Books"
    Poor Sam, just trying to be a cool kid for once
  19. Veep: "Some New Beginnings"
    This is the first ep of season 3 and Selina is on a book tour and it is comedic gold
  20. X-Files - Bad Blood
    One of their funny stand alones where the story is told through both Mulder and Scully's points of view. Also, Luke Wilson!
    Suggested by @loriatx
  21. The Office—The Injury
    After watching this was the first time I ever realized certain episodes can be better than others.
    Suggested by @TVAddict
  22. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Nightman Cometh
    I can put on basically any Sunny episode and feel better in minutes, but this one always stands out. It was the episode I showed my parents when I wanted to get them to watch the show and it worked.
    Suggested by @natalieruth
  23. The Mindy Project -Danny Castellano is my Personal Trainer
    Suggested by @J_Mo
  24. The I.T. Crowd / The Work Outing
    A perfectly awkward episode.
    Suggested by @summerallen
  25. I Love Lucy - Lucy Does a TV Commercial
    Suggested by @crossedties