Things I never accomplished which I am Still Not Over
  1. Be on Legends of the Hidden Temple
  2. Collect all the Beanie Babies
  3. Keep a tamagotchi alive
  4. Keep a chia pet alive
  5. Get slimed on a Nickelodeon show
  6. Get my Hogwarts letter
  7. Win the spelling bee at school
  8. Have a birthday party with one of those ball pits like at Chuck E Cheese
  9. Make everyone in my life understand that Lizzie McGuire just like really GOT me, you know?
  10. Not be scared of furbies
  11. Have a Baby-G watch
  12. Collect all the colors of those gelly roller pens
  13. Know all the words to the Aaron Carter song "How I Beat Shaq"
  14. Know all the words to "Part of Your World"
  15. See all the MK and Ashley movies
  16. Be allowed to watch the Simpsons
  17. Get as many books as I wanted at the scholastic book fairs
  18. See the Red Sox win the world series
    This one happened but not in the 90s
  19. Get to a really high level on Snood
  20. Be the pink power ranger at recess
  21. Match the color of the stripes on my adidas sneakers to the color of my Gap sweatshirt