1. 1970s
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    let's all collectively work together so we never need to revisit this era
  2. 1910s
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    not into it
  3. 1950s
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    too many clean lines
  4. 1980s
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    honestly I don't even know
  5. 1900s
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    a little boring but certainly not hard to look at
  6. 1930s
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    solid but kinda drab imo
  7. 1940s
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    I would wear at least two of these dresses
  8. 1920s
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    super fun, classy, glam af, there's a reason people have flapper parties all the damn time
  9. 1990s
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    I choose to ignore that any other 90s fashions existed
  10. 1960s
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    hands down winner, no contest