I'm a strange person and I have a weird hobby where I like to walk around and take pictures of doors in Cambridge & Somerville, MA where I live. Doors are so cool! I love looking at local architecture and there's a lot to see around Boston. I have an Insta for it: @doorsofcamberville. Here are some of my faves and the neighborhoods I saw them in:
  1. Davis Square, Somerville
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  2. Porter Square, Cambridge
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  3. Union Square, Somerville
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  4. Central Hill, Somerville
    B04b9268 edb5 4e25 9083 83eb50395941
  5. Porter Square, Cambridge
    E38801b8 ceb5 4a9b 8dea 6dde9f902ac8
  6. Davis Square, Somerville
    4ad4ec89 3222 4a83 b586 2c2d885049fc
  7. Central Hill, Somerville
    21b52958 f3dc 49ba 8435 73ed089b2c67
  8. North Cambridge
    2dbe3cd1 c3ab 4037 b71f ff6e2ac23a96
  9. Porter Square, Cambridge
    E6cf3d18 ffae 4ad6 a069 6e9f1093789e
  10. Central Hill, Somerville
    D6f2020d ef8b 4df8 8de2 75331c6a95f3
  11. Kirkland Street, Cambridge
    8cd5c412 2336 492b 8723 2a663c3c8a3f
  12. Duck Village, Somerville
    344d74a6 cc55 4a5a ad5d 792ae1d00d12
  13. Davis Square, Somerville
    990f9d09 1d3c 4700 9652 67f04881e4e3
  14. Porter Square, Cambridge
    4e65d859 42c2 4083 bed0 af0cec4c0d10
  15. Central Hill, Somerville
    5ce38302 88e5 4591 9172 1ce64b772c1f
  16. Davis Square, Somerville
    2ad392d3 0d1f 4ad2 94d3 a36ed5bc4af3
  17. Harvard Square, Cambridge
    23da547b f0dd 4cb9 834d 3e54a5bee6a3
  18. Harvard Square, Cambridge
    4cc64761 22ce 49f6 91eb 4ae0545214dc
  19. Union Square, Somerville
    7287608d 68bb 47ce bf89 872ae137f857
  20. Harvard Square, Cambridge
    24239921 28a3 4217 b032 df168988f348
  21. Duck Village, Somerville
    C865ecb4 fd80 4309 a267 ea98b0e05556
  22. Harvard Square, Cambridge
    8023b4fb fff9 4b23 ba08 9041026bbd9d
  23. Central Hill, Somerville
    1a080bfb 454a 4e6c 9fcd 374313d9e26e
  24. Duck Village, Somerville
    4c5ff04c 0022 4a3f b380 8217007f23a3
  25. Union Square, Somerville
    7200fb89 6519 4da0 a6c6 8b6c4692bdf7
  26. Davis Square, Somerville
    3ca117c9 02f0 4f4a b54e e891256563bc
  27. Central Hill, Somerville
    562d01e1 95bc 42cd a302 a3ef2f179c41
  28. Porter Square, Cambridge
    D61e138a 9026 4ad8 9fc6 c1124e31b7f2
  29. Davis Square, Somerville
    1c76aaf0 284c 4c90 9155 720188ce4fd3
  30. North Cambridge
    B638d941 14e4 4bae b762 a8ec5014010e
  31. I don't know what this door is doing in Somerville bc it obviously leads to Rivendell or some shit
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