I'm a strange person and I have a weird hobby where I like to walk around and take pictures of doors in Cambridge & Somerville, MA where I live. Doors are so cool! I love looking at local architecture and there's a lot to see around Boston. I have an Insta for it: @doorsofcamberville. Here are some of my faves and the neighborhoods I saw them in:
  1. Davis Square, Somerville
  2. Porter Square, Cambridge
  3. Union Square, Somerville
  4. Central Hill, Somerville
  5. Porter Square, Cambridge
  6. Davis Square, Somerville
  7. Central Hill, Somerville
  8. North Cambridge
  9. Porter Square, Cambridge
  10. Central Hill, Somerville
  11. Kirkland Street, Cambridge
  12. Duck Village, Somerville
  13. Davis Square, Somerville
  14. Porter Square, Cambridge
  15. Central Hill, Somerville
  16. Davis Square, Somerville
  17. Harvard Square, Cambridge
  18. Harvard Square, Cambridge
  19. Union Square, Somerville
  20. Harvard Square, Cambridge
  21. Duck Village, Somerville
  22. Harvard Square, Cambridge
  23. Central Hill, Somerville
  24. Duck Village, Somerville
  25. Union Square, Somerville
  26. Davis Square, Somerville
  27. Central Hill, Somerville
  28. Porter Square, Cambridge
  29. Davis Square, Somerville
  30. North Cambridge
  31. I don't know what this door is doing in Somerville bc it obviously leads to Rivendell or some shit