Lo! Further evidence of my weird walking-around-&-taking-pictures-of-doors hobby. I love the architecture around Boston and especially the colors I find around where I live in Somerville, MA. Some of these have been posted on @doorsofcamberville, my Instagram passion project (lol). Feast yr eyes! And check out my previous doors list✌️
  1. Walnut Street, Somerville
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  2. Cobble Hill, Somerville
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  3. Cedar Street, Somerville
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  4. North Cambridge
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  5. Cobble Hill, Somerville
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  6. Union Square, Somerville
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  7. North Cambridge
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  8. Spring Hill, Somerville
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  9. Cobble Hill, Somerville
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  10. Spring Hill, Somerville
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  11. Walnut Street, Somerville
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  12. North Cambridge
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  13. Teele Square, Somerville
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  14. North Cambridge
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  15. Davis Square, Somerville
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  16. Union Square, Somerville
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  17. Spring Hill, Somerville
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  18. Teele Square, Somerville
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  19. North Cambridge
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  20. Spring Hill, Somerville
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  21. Cedar Street, Somerville
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  22. Harvard Square, Cambridge
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