If you follow me on twitter...I'm sorry
  1. A mind at work
  2. A cute resistance pilot
    @poe 😉
  3. Someone to watch Agent Carter with
  4. Someone to complete my Korrasami cosplay
  5. The only one he ever feared
  6. Like 8 lost socks at least
  7. Someone to scream about Garnet and Peridot with
  8. An NJB maybe
  9. Someone to eat together breakfast with
  10. An affordable 2 bedroom apartment in Somerville for next year
  11. Isildur's heir, not Isildur himself
  12. 1/2 of my favorite earrings
  13. A Seth Cohen lookalike
  14. Someone who won't get annoyed when I quote the entire LotR movies while we watch
  15. A Daveed Diggs lookalike
  16. Someone who understands the importance of hydration
  17. My sunglasses
  18. Someone who's good at making dinner bc my skills lie more in the breakfast dept
  19. Captain America
  20. A homemade brownie recipe that tastes as good as brownies from a box
  21. A way out of all this student loan debt
  22. Someone who likes playing Boggle